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Officer Lisa Arrests Damon and Freddie pt2

Once at the station, Officer Lisa pulls Damon and Freddie out of the car and does a thorough pat down of both of them before bringing them inside. Up in the processing room, she has Damon sit and cuffs him to the bench while switching Freddie’s handcuffs to the front. Officer Lisa starts his processing paperwork and then conducts a strip search before handing him an orange jumpsuit to change into. She then cuffs him behind the back and has him sit on the bench, which she cuffs him to. She uncuffs Damon and has him stand in front of the mugshot board before ordering him to undress for a strip search. He does so and she hands him a jumpsuit as well and cuffs him behind the back. She walks them both to the cell and locks them in before walking away, leaving them cuffed for a little bit before removing them.

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